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Houston CD Replication
CD Replication, Duplication, Production, Graphic Design & Packaging

CD Graphic Design

Graphic design charges are $75.00 per hour based on services required to take your CD face and booklet from concept to completion.

We would estimate approximately one hour for CD face design and layout. A time estimate for the design and layout of your booklet will be provided after you determine the number of pages.

If you would like to provide logos and/or photos for us to work from, we require a resolution of 300 dpi or higher.

Logo files must be Adobe Photoshop (.psd) or Adobe Illustrator files (.ai).

Photos must be Bitmaps (.bmp) or Adobe Photoshop files (.psd) at 300 dpi or higher.

Logos and/or photos may be provided on CD, PC Zip Disk, or via e-mail.

We are, of course, able to scan your original photographs or logo. In most cases, we will have to re-create your logo in Adobe Illustrator in order to print.

If you have the capability to create and provide camera-ready CD graphics in-house, simply click below to download the following pdf templates:

Please note: All camera-ready artwork provided must be Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files with a resolution of 300 dpi.

CD/DVD Face Labels

CDs/DVDs by default havea silver background because of the metallic material involved in the manufacturing process.

for face label background choices

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